Friday, July 26, 2013

Fabulous and Frightening Friday


I hope everyone has had a great week!  Our gang has!  I haven't done a Fabulous and Frightening Friday in a while so here we go.


  • Going to the park for a picnic
Click this link for a picture:
  • Finally getting headphones that work for my iPod.
  • The lime cantoloupe we had for lunch. Delicious!
  • Face Paint.  Introducing Molly the puppy dog!  (Click again!:)
  • Spending time with the best big brother ever.  We sat on the swings and listened to music together.  It was great!
  • Sleeping in till ten this morning.  Since I got back from Student Life camp, I haven't really slept in because I was in a habit of waking up at six every morning.
  • The fact that we have nothing to do this evening and dad has no meetings.  I can't wait.
  • Our Wi-fi is back!  (I'll try not to put too many smiley faces.) :D :) :O !!!!!
  • A sweet piano teacher who will totally change her schedule so ours works better.

  • Getting ready for the day when  your little sister comes up to you and says, "Your face and hair do not go with that shirt!"  ...gee thanks sis?
  • How hot it was today after a few pretty cool days.
Today was pretty wonderful.  For tonight's supper we are grilling.  YUM!  
How was your Friday?



  1. Glad you all are having fun!!!
    Miss you!

  2. Love the article! Sounds like a grand day or Fab Friday. Sure hope you can drop by before school starts so we can have some "spa time" and pool time. Miss you, babe, Love Gma
    Love the picnic pict!