Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Unity - It's the Little Things

 Glittery but fresh.  Sparkling, but quiet.  Luxurious, but soft.  The snow lays on the wet grass.  In several places you can see the pointy blades popping up through the sleek, slippery, snow.  Somehow there is silence outside on this icy evening.  To some people this picturesque scene is nothing out of the ordinary.  To others, every time snow falls it is like a taste of heaven.

Shivering people come into a warm house where they are joyfully welcomed.  The fire is glowing, hot chocolate is being served, and inside this house there is something unique.  Something that you don't find in the middle of summer, spring or fall.

Little children wake-up and peek out their frost covered windows to find snow falling from the sky.  "Maybe school will be closed and we can go outside and play!" they excitedly exclaim.  There is something different inside children that can't be found in any other season.

Could that something be unity?  A warm hug on a cold night.  Reading books around the fire together.  Lending a jumper chord to a friend who can't start their car.  Wrapping that sweet little baby in blankets and quilts until she is nice and toasty.  It's the little things.  Fresh snow, on a cold dark night.   People sharing together and being united.  Love is everywhere.

Warm winter wishes!  


  1. So beautiful, Meg! Love it. :) And wonderful descriptions. <3

  2. Beautiful Meg! You are really gifted with words.